Some people like to say that other people know nothing of life. Some people know little of life and like to say many things. People are just people. I’m a person. Here are some things I like to say.

Never let yourself be unnecessarily bored. The hours that obligingly go by, the ones you’d give your worth for in age, can be given freely to buy latent, unforeseen moments, but for them to be left to slide away from neglect, for no greater good or purpose, is a crime of nature, life, joy and all that’s good and to be leapt at in this world as we know it.

Never shrink from knowledge or its invitation. When your elder or any intellectual, any tutor, friend or stranger, guides your hand and mind to another, different angle, new or old, bitter or sweet, realise that he’s never to thank you for the attention; rather, the thanks are owed him for the offer of that which in his possession is greater in itself than that you realise it, and greater still when shared and tested; that which shouldn’t see an end – should spread to rise in minds without warning.

Never underestimate the power of religious faith (particularly religious extremism). So potent is it in persuading certain impressionable individuals to do wrong, that its dangers should always be on your mind and on the mind of all of those of us who wish to see our children grow with and into a world that doesn’t have to be as harsh, unfair, unjust and dark as it’s all too frequently found to be.1

Never take education, and our freedom to have it, for granted. Any persons who in their matured and sane minds should wish to place obstacles in the way of, and criticise, these lovers of free, sustaining knowledge, they themselves should be considered obstacles to our collective, liberal progression. For it can only come from the deluded and ill of mind among us that man shouldn’t, given the keys to the endless nexus of free thought, then take those keys and use them as the gifts they are to the intelligence of humankind.


He who thinks he knows everything learns nothing.

Always assume absolute lack of knowledge while simultaneously remaining conscious that every waking hour should be spent to some extent in its pursuit.


1 In May 2017, at a pop concert at the Manchester Arena in England, 22 innocent people were murdered by an Islamic extremist suicide bomber. Many of them were children (the youngest just eight years old), who in all likelihood barely knew a thing about religion or could be said to uphold any religious principles for themselves. Still, they were targeted. The crux of the matter is that they were probably targeted because they were innocent children…

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