By no means are these necessarily rules every poet lives by, but I would confidently bet that every poet, experienced or not, dead or alive, rich or poor, can relate to them. These are very much the rules I live by myself ­– or try to. As with Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, the point is not necessarily that one adheres to every rule every day with unshakeable discipline; it is that one means to. Rather than rules set in stone, these are simple rules “for” a poet; a guide the poet would do well to at least refer to now and again.

  • To always be watchful for the next occurrence of meaning and significance in both the simple and the complex of every day and the infinite subtleties found therein
  • To never lose the faith that those insights will come around again
  • To be open-minded and to strive to open the minds of others
  • To treat with any subject, as long as there is value to be had by doing so
  • To embrace change in all areas, especially in those areas which, in their changing, bring you closer to truth
  • To respect the rules while being willing to break them for the greater good, which is honest poetry
  • To be indifferent to fame in itself; caring only for the potential increase of exposure for the poetry and thus its total value

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