If you’re like me, you like a house designed not only with a modern imagination, but also with a modern appreciation for the finer, subtler aspects of domestic living.

There’s been something of a resurgence of late when it comes to minimal design; being more conscious of economy, the environment and the “less is more” philosophy.

Take for example the recent addition to the stunning Praa Sands area. You only have to look down from above at the gleaming structure of Ocean Villa to see what I mean… (Is that a grass roof? – Yes. – Why? – Why not?) It’s an example of how one can be more environmentally friendly and build a beautiful, cutting-edge house. We have Alex Michaelis to thank for that.

What happens when there are fewer things in front of you? Those things stand out more clearly. All of a sudden you start to notice objects that may otherwise have faded into a constant background of abundance. And that’s okay: some people like busy surroundings. But what’s gained by more space is the freedom to pay closer attention to the things that matter: the people who occupy that space; maybe a smaller selection of decorative items, adding genuine meaning and value; a better balance between aesthetics and practicality; fewer distractions.

Ocean Villa is very conscious that the coast is right on its doorstep. To make the most of those views, white spaces are fully embraced, lending a canvas-like frame to all that surrounds the beauty which stretches beyond the large front windows. What well-designed and -installed glass does is lend all the utility of a boundary or limit with none of the negative aesthetics. Even if dogs with sore noses don’t share my enthusiasm…

Light illuminates simpler, cleaner finishes throughout and draws the eye easily from space to space before all that thrives in a natural vibrancy outside. It seems to say clearly, Look within, you have everything. Now see all that is out there! There is then a balance of internal quiet, focus and tranquillity – and external liveliness, bright and ready in all its raw, natural beauty. Where colours are not put on; they simply are. From nowhere is this all more clearly discerned than from where simple is beautiful; and less is more.

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